TroCare Warranty


Labor charges are a minimum of 2 hours.

Travel charges are calculated from the nearest Trotec branch to the customer’s location and back to the nearest Trotec branch in relation to the customer’s location.

All prices are in Saudi Riyals and unless otherwise stated, do not include parts & sales tax.

All labor and traveling are estimated only; travel times and extra labor required will affect the value of this estimate and can only be calculated at the time of the invoice.

Although the technician has common parts with him/her during the call, some parts are for special order only and/or may be out of stock.

If the technician does not have a part required during a call, the technician will return to the closest headquarters and re-quote the customer for the special-order / out of stock part depending on the nature and/or location; this may not be the same day or week or month of the repair visit and/or incident.

Most calls require diagnostics and troubleshooting to find an offending part/cause of the problem; the arrival and departure of the technician for this call do not imply that the machine will be in working order after this call.

Your problem may require two or more quotes and/or further quote approvals by the customer and/or subsequent on-premises customer visits and/or part replacement instructions given to a customer, nominated employee, by our employees remotely and/or on pre-arranged dates not on the same day by our technicians or our staff before your machine is working again.

Any loss of production and/or loss of consumables, time, reputation and/or injury and or death of the customers and/or its employees and/or its customers as a result of electricity, water, or fire due to the machine malfunctioning either during or after installation, repair, and/or replacement of the machine and/or any part and/or any work carried out either during or after the warranty period of the machine by Trotec Laser Saudi Arabia or by the customer is not the responsibility of Trotec Laser Saudi Arabia, its parent, or employees.

If the location requires a ferry/flight/train to access it and/or the nature of the repair attracts any expenses (flight, ferry, train, hotel, meals, etc.) will be additional and for the buyer’s expense.

The costs listed above are not exhaustive by any means; all costs not listed here will be for the buyer's account within the warranty and after the warranty for any repair, adjustment, training, or and/or part and/or machine replacement.

This quote/estimate may not contain labor and traveling if the customer asked for a price just on a part for fitment by the customer.

If any of the parts except laser tubes are replaced during the machine's warranty either by the buyer or the seller, the warranty shall be 30 days for that part or for the remainder of the machine's warranty cover for that part type, whichever comes first.

Replacement laser tubes carry a 12-month warranty from the date of invoice.

We may require defective parts and will require unused parts to be returned to the closest branch of Trotec Laser Saudi Arabia (shipping at customer's expense).

We reserve the right to add an authorization the customer's credit card either supplied at the time or the credit card on file prior to shipping of the part(s) at the full list price of a given part until the defective / incorrectly supplied or ordered unused part is returned to us.

Staff or shipping agents of Trotec Laser Saudi Arabia visiting the customer's premises are not responsible for the removal of parts, machines, packaging whether Trotec Laser Saudi Arabia needs them back or not.

Part warranties are not cumulative, and any part replaced and/or labor performed do not increase the validity period of the warranty that came with the machine originally.


All tubes unless otherwise stated are "REFURBISHED," not new.

All old/defective tubes become the property of Trotec Laser when the replacement laser has been fitted.


Please ensure that the machine is clean and ensure that adequate space is around the machine before the technician arrives.

If working conditions are cramped and/or dirty and/or un-hygienic and/or the machine's cleanliness is not up to standard, the technician is entitled to re-schedule the call on arrival and depart the customer's premises.

During repairs and/or PM visits, the technician is instructed to only clean friction/optical components.

Any other components, including the chassis, will not be cleaned by the technician, as this is the customer's responsibility.

No cosmetic cleaning will be performed by the technician. The technician works on machines with high-power light (laser); when the technician (who is equipped with safety gear) works on these machines, the technician may ask any persons in the same room to leave the room and/or wear protective clothing and/or glasses.

If the technician deems any conditions unsafe for either the technician, the technician's property, Trotec property, the customer or the customer's staff or property, the technician will be entitled to cancel the call at any time before and/or during the service call. This includes all health and safety hazards.


It is possible that your machine will require an inspection and possible repair work before the machine can be accepted into the TroCare plan.

All worn/damaged/used parts covered by TroCare become the property of Trotec Laser on replacement. Any parts not specifically mentioned are not covered by the TPP; this includes the labor associated with a non-TroCare related or non-TroCare covered part replacement or repair. All labor and call-out charges not covered by TroCare will be at the full quoted rate, and no discount is implied. Rotary attachments and all its components both major and minor are not covered by TroCare. Extractor fans and all its components both major, minor and consumable are not covered by TroCare. Extractor filters and carbon are considered consumable.