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Trotec Atmos Exhaust System

Trotec Atmos Exhaust System

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Why you need an Atmos laser exhaust system for your laser machine.

This convenient exhaust system ensures the safe and clean operation of your laser system. It reliably removes dust and gases from the work area and filters out all odors that are created during the laser processing with its activated carbon filter. The Atmos exhaust system helps to deliver the best possible engraving and cutting quality.

With Atmos, Trotec sets standards in terms of user-friendliness, efficiency and low maintenance costs. The right exhaust system ensures a longer service life and protects the laser lenses.

Atmos exhaust systems – sustainably better.

Product documents
8401 Atmos Cube operating manual
Atmos Duo Plus technical datasheet
Atmos Mono Plus technical datasheet
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