Anatol Automatic Heat Transfer Press

From shirts to jigsaw puzzles, this fully automated dual heat transfer press is ready for your most demanding projects.Maximum Transfer Area 16” x 20”.The Two Station Automatic Heat Transfer Press is designed to keep up with production runs of all sizes without straining your arms or back.

Anatol Automatic-Press Volt 20 Stations/ 18 Colors 20" x 28" Max Print Area

VOLT - Professional-Grade Electric Automatic Screen Printing Machines. The VOLT by Anatol is the only professional-grade electric automatic screen printing machine in the world. It gives you speed, power and reliability without the issues caused by an compressor, chiller and other pneumatic components.

Anatol Automatic-Press Vector 20 Stations/ 18 Colors 20" x 28" Max Print Area

VECTOR - Automatic Screen Printing Press Meet the demands of your bigger print jobs with speed, accuracy and efficiency.Print Area: 20” x 20”Screen printing machine available in configurations of: 6 stations/4 colors up to 20 stations/18 colors.

Anatol Automatic-Press Titan 12/11 MTITAN - Automatic Screen Printing Machine

The MOST SIZES and LEAST AIR CONSUMPTION in an automatic press flexibility for the way you want to work. Maximum print area of 16” x 18” (41cm x 46cm)Available in configurations of: 6 stations/4 colors up to 12 stations/11 colors.

Anatol Automatic-Press Prodigy 10 stations 10"x12" (25x30 cm) Max Print Area

Prodigy Prodigy Small Format Screen Printing Press Quickly and cost-effectively label garments and screen print promotional products like never before, with all-servo-electric technology. 100% air-free so no air compressor, chiller, tubing or cylinders are required for operation. Maximum print area of 10” x 12”Available in configurations of: 6 stations/2 colors – 8 stations/5 colors.

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