Why you need a RayJet 50 laser engraver.

The Rayjet is a desktop laser engraver with a powerful CO2 laser source. It allows you to engrave, mark and cut a variety of materials. Find more technical data about the Rayjet laser engraving machine here.​​​​​

Create MoreLess Effort, More Profit

Start engraving and cutting immediately with the Rayjet laser, thanks to its intuitive software and the user-friendly system. Make higher profits by turning your creative ideas into reality, due to the almost infinite number of applications.

  • Easy to generate business with: Endless applications
  • Easy Installation: calibrated and ready to use! Just plug and ray
  • Intuitive software
  • Minimum maintenance: No parts wear, RayPack technology, no special tools necessary
  • Rayjet® Manager printer driver

  • Incl. laser parameter/material database

  • Control panel for positioning the laser

  • Laser pointer

  • Autofocus  

  • Plug & ray - requires no installation

  • Electronic z-axis

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Technical data of the RayJet 50.

Material compatibility with the RayJet 50.

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