Why you need a mid-range laser cutter from our Q series.

Q series laser cutters stand for efficient cutting and the best price-performance ratio. With a work area of 1300 x 900 mm and laser power of up to 120 watts, the laser machine cuts and engraves a variety of materials: Acrylic and wood (cut up to 15 mm), textiles, paper and cardboard, signs, craft items, models or decorative items. The Q series has everything a laser cutter needs and offers reliable laser machines for production.

Because you’re more efficient with a laser cutter.

How is the productivity promise fulfilled? By using Trotec core technology: The drive concept and OptiMotionTM provide the speed, the red Trotec laser head enables fast yet precise laser processing. The ultra-compact, lightweight design integrates the most important functions in the smallest of spaces. The InPack TechnologyTM: protects all sensitive components of the mid-range laser cutter from dust.

  • User-friendly focusing.

    Focus easily and quickly at the touch of a button using the SonarTechnology™ ultrasonic sensor.

  • Minimal cleaning.

    Sensitive components (lenses, linear guides) are protected from dust and dirt by our InPack Technology™ with integrated air flushing.

  • Efficient exhaust system.

    Less contamination of the workpieces, less flame formation and a long service life of the laser machine with the right exhaust system – Trotec Atmos.

  • Sophisticated technology

    Reliable operation, longest service life and lowest maintenance costs thanks to reliable Austrian mechanical engineering.

  • Always productive.

    TroCare is a customised service package for maximum productivity reliability and calculable operating costs.

  • Producing Print and Cut jobs.

    Precise cutting of printed applications thanks to Trotec Vision.

  • Rotary engraving.

    Engrave glasses, bottles, cups and much more thanks to the rotary engraving attachment.

  • A coordinated solution.

    Optimal interaction of service, laser machine, exhaust system and material – 1 contact person for everything.

  • Safe according to UK CE.

    Our machines meet all official requirements and can therefore be put into operation safely.

  • All features.

    Click here to discover all features and accessories at a glance.

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Technical data of the R series.

Material compatibility with R series.

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Q400 Operating manual

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