At Trotec, we understand the challenges of schools finding the proper funding for larger investments like a laser machine.

Trotec EDU created a Fundraising brochure to teach schools on how the laser can bring in substantial revenue instead of being a cost burden.

Many educators see a laser machine as a tool to create projects for students, but the lasers have many functions. Majority of Trotec sales go to the B2B market in a form of sign-makers, promotional applications, embroidery stores, jewelry and gift shops, as well as many other various business types.

  • School Events

    A local school has a basketball game and they take photos of the student athletes, engrave their photo onto a wooden  plaque and re-sell it to the parents. All revenue goes back to the school.

  • Competitions

    A local school has a jewelry design competition. Students create different designs with the laser and the winner gets to re-produce the design to re-sell for students, parents and teachers in the library.

  • Out-Sourcing

    Instead of buying parking passes, signage or awards – the school produces these products on its own laser saving thousands in out-sourcing cost by moving the production in-house.

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